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Show a scene of a time when you did one teeny, small thing that saved the day — hero style! (Remember to post your comic slam within 7 days of the class it was given)

stick figure saving her mother and indirectly, her sister too, from falling.

My Hero’s Story

So this comic is of the time when me, my mother and elder sister went to Metro Station in Delhi, India for the first time. As we got…


My Goals and my current situation

This is me dreaming about my future goals, and comparing my current situation.

Stick figure stopping another stick figure who dropped $100 while walking.

My Hero Story

I was walking behind someone on the street who it looked like had earphones in. I noticed as they took something out of their pocket, a $100 bill…

When I was young, I made a group of friends who tried to me into drugs and alcohol. At that time, I found it very adventures and was so excited to try out new stuff. But my parents noticed changes in my behavior and confronted my regarding the same. I tried to hide things from them but I was very close to by grandfather. So i talked to him regarding the same and I was expecting he will scold me and stop letting me out with my friends but he explained things to me very calmly and was so inspiring to me. SO he is my hero who actually saved my life from becoming a hell!


In the above stick figure, there are two people who are talking to each other in a very polite manner.

A stick figure picking up a bank credit card and another old stick figure walking with a stick

My hero’s story

An old woman was walking with a stick did not realize that she dropped her credit card on the floor, so I picked it up and walked behind…

There\\\'s two stick figure.Stick figure 1 is standing and stick figure 2 is drowning.

My Hero’s Journey

As you can see in the cartoon, I assist a drowning individual. We went on a volunteer programme field trip last year. There were many youngsters because it…

A stick figure flies with a coffee in their hand towards another figure in a cap.

My Hero’s Story

I always try to wake up before my partner so that I can make him coffee before work.

The comic shows a cat on a tree and three stick figures staring at the cat.

My hero’s story

once me and my friends saw a kitten on a tree , crying for help in the park. Nobody came forward to help that kitten , but I…

Stick figure handing a child money.

My Hero story

At the Cloverdale rodeo, I saw a child drop a $50 dollar bill and walked away I rushed towards it and I chased the little boy down until…

The stick figure, me, is on the phone with the police. There is a dog standing alone next to a tree.

My Hero’s Story

In the comic, I am on the phone with the police reporting a lost puppy as it was alone and looked lost so I followed it until the…

A person with a suitcase points at a flight ticket which is behind another person with a suitcase.

My hero’s story

One time at an airport, someone was walking ahead and did not notice that his ticket dropped on the ground. I quickly spoke up and pointed at the…

A purse, bandaids, a chocolate chip cookie and a water bottle

My hero’s story

In all of my friend groups I am known as the “mom” of the group. This is because I always am prepared with bandaids and snacks in my…

A stick figure showing me as a hero of my best friend during an examination.


When I was in 11 class my best friend forget to bring a calculator during an economic exam. She was very sad and when I asked her I…

In the stick figure there are two best friends, I am holding resume in my hand which I created for my friend because she herself is so lazy to make one but she was always used to complain about her current job. So she used the resume to apply for job applications and she got new job now with many benefits and higher ages.

My Hero’s Story

Two best friends standing next to each other and one has curriculum vitae in her hand for her friend to use for a new job application.

In this comic, A stick figure is moving a big box onto a shopping cart.

My hero’s story !

In this comic I was at Costco when i saw an elderly woman trying to put a big item on to her shopping cart and offered to help.

A stick figure somewhere in a park found a purse and then there’s another scene of same stick figure in front of the police station.

My Hero’s Story

So this happened in Summer of 2018. I was walking around the park near my home and I saw a purse on the ground. So I picked it…

here is me and my friend with our own books in our hands.

my hero’s story

I LOVE MATHS and one of m friend don’t like maths. During exams, she was so worried about the exam and at that time I tried to make…

The person who looked anxious got a pen from a stranger


I went for a final exam, and I found the student who sat next to me forgot to bring a pen. So I lent one to him. He…

A locker that has food and a Starbucks drink

My hero’s story

A couple weeks ago my friend woke up late for work and she didn’t have any time to eat. During her shift she gave me a text on…

There is a guy that is giving his pizza to another man that is sitting on the floor, the man is thanking him for the pizza while the person giving says no problem.

My Hero’s Story

In this comic i was outside with one of my friends, we had just bought some pizza and were walking out while we had it in our hands….