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“Anonymous” – Create a stick figure scene showing something you anonymous did for someone or someone anonymous did something for you. (Remember to post your comic slam within 7 days of the class it was given)

Person in the car paying for the person in front.


One morning at tim Hortons, I was very happy so I decided to pay for the person in front of my anonymously.

Girl standing in Stormy weather with broken umbrella and a car .


There was harsh weather and I was going with my friend in a car .we saw a girl with broken umbrella trying to hold it and looking very…

Happy basketball game

two stick figures kids with big smiles on their faces having a fun little intense game of basketball on a sunny day.

A child aka me in a blue car pointing towards a red car excitingly!

Myth about humans

I used believe that if we see a red coloured car on our way , our wishes come true but interesting thing is that as a child whenever…

Two people in a car at a drive thru restaurant being told their order is free.


Long ago, me and my mother were going through a starbucks drive thru just as we normally would. That was until we learned that the person in line…

A stick figure sends an anonymous letter to another, which brings a smile to their face


While in high school I sent a motivational Valentine to my friend’s little brother who was going through a tough time.

A basketball


Days after buying a basketball hoop a basketball rolled upon my front lawn and I saw it there and I took it.

Stick figure in a public washroom finding a note that says \


A couple of years ago, I went out for dinner with some friends after a long and difficult day of work and school. Even though I was with…

Stick figure with long hair and a smile, holding a snow shovel. Background: house with a door in the middle and 3 windows (2 upper, one on the right side of the door), carport attached to the left of house, the back of a small blue car under the carport.


During the December snowy weather, I anonymously shovelled the driveways of my elderly neighbours.

When someone bought Starbucks for me and it made my day because I was having a rough day


person sitting at desk with a surprised face because theres snacks on their desk


back in high school in one of my classes the teacher had giving out candies and snacks as a treat. a student came in a few minutes late…

stick figure person turning in a found wallet.


After having found a wallet within my Psychology 100 course, I anonymously turned in someone’s wallet that they had left in class.

A houseless stick figure in a toque asks another stick figure in a cap for change. The figure in a cap happily offers it. Behind them, a stick figure named Tana leaves a hot meal on the houseless figure\'s mat next to her pet dog and rat.


A friend and I went out for lunch and couldn’t finish one of our entrees, so I got it to go. On our way home, we saw a…

A child is moving her legs but her mother stops her

myth about humans

its a very wierd myth that says when we move or swing our legs while sitting , it will be counted as a bad omen . Many of…

When a man walk around me, he lose his wallet.


Help someone who lose his wallet, I just find it and give it to him.

On this picture you can see a person who is participating in school event, where people gift things anonymously to others through gift box.


It was a new year’s event in my school. People dropped their presents into the school giftbox, and then these things were randomly assigned to others as a…

Person continuously moving feet

Myths about humans

There are are two people in the house and one of them is moving his feet continuously. So the other person ask him not to do that because…

stick people looking at surprised stick person reacting to Christmas gift


In my comic is my cousins surprising me with a gift for Christmas. We used to secret Santa almost every year since we were kids and one Christmas…

Car stuck in snowbank with two people standing beside it and a person in a backhoe.


Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I visited my hometown under six feet of snow and got the car stuck in a snowbank. After digging and pushing for…

This comic is a representation of when I was at work and a lady who I had helped earlier in the day bought me flowers because she said I was very helpful and polite.


This comic is a representation of when I was at work and a lady who I had helped earlier in the day bought me flowers because she said…