11 Comics Categorized "Just in time"

Show a scene of a time when something was going wrong and a person or resource showed up JUST IN TIME to save the day! (Remember to post your comic slam within 7 days of the class it was given)

My Future

I am thinking about How my life is gonna look in next 10 years!

A stick figure holding an alarm clock.

Just in tme

I just forgot that I had an appointment with my doctor one day and I fall asleep. But, luckily I had set an alarm set to remind me…

Alarms and a door

Just in time

During some of early morning zoom calls.I ended up snoozing or turning off all my alarms as they went off. Luckily my mom noticed I wasn’t awake per…

A person did not know where will go

Missing data

I had my first photoshoot for a magazine, and I used a phone to get to the place. However, my phone turned off. I could not get there,…

A bus going on the road and stick figure standing at the bus stop saying saved my day


Usually, I always check the bus schedule while leaving the house, but I was in a hurry one day and left the house in a rush. On my…

Two people stand under the apple tree

Just in Time

I went to my friend’s house and i find out apple trees are full of apples. My friend told me that the apples are just ready to eat.

There\'s a guy passed out on the ground and another man that is frantically running to him while alerting someone on the phone

just in time

One day i was just about to walk outside when I noticed a man was asking for help. He was pussyfooting around when he randomly fell over luckily…

A computer showing a happy person

Just In Time

Whenever I am not busy, I do video call my friends in the Philippines. One time, I called my friend and it turns out she is having a…

The stick figure shows me got happy and excited after submitting my assignment in time which I was trying to finish from last couple days but i could not do that till the last date of deadline of submission. My friend helped to do the APA citation properly and I was able to finish my assignment and submitted.

Just In Time

The stick figure shows an excited person working on the laptop and two thought bubbles.

In this stick figure there are two person me and my friends who is doing assignment .


In this comic i went to my friend home while he was working on his assignment and when i saw his topic of assignment i told him that…

A stick figure is standing near a car and another person is standing on the other end of the car and they are discussing something.


I went to a car dealer to buy the car I liked, and just in time I got to know from the employee that it was being transfer…