11 Comics Categorized "Jumping to the wrong conclusion"

Show a scene of a time in your life when you wrongly interpreted a situation – the story in your head lead you to see what was not really true. (Remember to post your comic slam within 7 days of the class it was given)

Stick Figure holding a paper and regretting not submitting in time or checking things properly.

Jumping to the wrong conclusion

I don’t frequently miss things, but something happened that blew my head. All of my assignments are usually due on Monday. This project was unexpectedly scheduled for Sunday…

There was a Car in the snap and the person who is calling the police while the baby is crying on the back seat.

Jumping into the Wrong Conclusion

In this comic, I was about 16 years old and I was in India at that time going to play in the park with my friends, and by…

Stick figure confident, saying they submit their report. Then a stick figure realizing they didn\'t submit the report, the stick figure is worried.

Jumping to the wrong conclusion

I am usually someone who submits reports for work early or a least finish them early. This one month, I assumed I had already submitted my report halfway…

A cat figure expects to be fed, whenever a stick figure enters the kitchen.

Jumping to the Wrong Conclusion

I have a very curious cat, and she thinks whenever I go to the kitchen I will feed her, although her dishes are full.

Person standing on a street waving at another person, other person reciprocates the wave. A car then pulls up to the first person who opens the door. Last frame on second person who looks very embraced and confused.

Jumping to the Wrong Conclusion!

Once I was walking on the street and someone waved in my direction looking at… what I thought was me. Then suddenly a taxi parked right next to…

The stick figure person reached on wrong day at the appointed place .

Jumping to the wrong conclusion

I booked an appointment for my BC Id and they give me date of 2 weeks later but I did not read the date I only see the…

Stick person sleeping in a bed. 3 stick people around the bed, speech bubble pointing to them \

Jumping to the wrong conclusion

When I was in third grade, my parents planned a secret trip to Disneyland. But, they didn’t tell us until the morning we where supposed to leave. They…

A person who says: we meet at 12 and another person who says: where is he

Jumping to the wrong conclusion

My friend told me that we are going to meet at 12, but has not mentioned is it PM or AM. I thought it is PM, and was…

In this stick figure there are two person me and my a girl who is giving me chocolate.


IN this figure one girl in my school used give me chocolate everyday and i thought that she likes me but i was wrong about it.

There is an exam schedule, a clock and figure facing the exam paper on the desk. On the back of the figure’s head, there are a drop sweat, a question mark and two exclamation marks.

Jumping to the wrong conclusion

When I was in secondary school, once I had three exams in one day, english listening test, english writing test and history test. On the exam schedule, the…

Some everyday objects are funneling through anxiety and leading to a stick figure lying on a grave.

Anxiety Conclusions

I was trying to portray how anxiety about literally anything and anything can make someone jump to conclusions, often the conclusion for lots on anxiety is “I’m gonna…