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One girl standing under the before and one girl standing under the after section. The girl under the before section has question marks and sad faces around her, and the other girl has positive things around her that make her happy such as a dumbbell and good grades.


Before I took Psychology 1100 I was always feeling sad confused and never had energy. I always felt like I wasn’t good enough, and I would sleep most…

In the left panel, a calendar shows “Dec”. A girl studies with a laptop, notes, books and a pen. In the right panel, the calendar shows “Apr”. The girl wears a cape, laughs and talks through a speech bubble in front of the laptop. This panel also presents an 8-panel comic, a drawing of a shirt, a crossword, a research paper with graphs and a textbook.

Before/After taking this course

Before this class, I studied with my laptop, textbook and notes on my own. Sometimes I got confused. After this course, I have grown in so many directions….

A bus going on the road and stick figure standing at the bus stop saying saved my day


Usually, I always check the bus schedule while leaving the house, but I was in a hurry one day and left the house in a rush. On my…

A stick figure standing in front of a table with a computer on it and says power out.


I had a midterm on one fine day. I needed to score well. Everything was going fine. I was about to submit my test, and there was a…

A stick figure saying Where did I leave the keys and a house with keys inside


Usually, I am always in a hurry while leaving my house for work. My things are all over the place, and I hardly find anything. One morning I…

One stick figure laying on the floor and saying now my height will not grow and second stick figure jumping over the first


I have grown up with this myth that if a person jumps over you while lying, you will no longer grow your height. It means that a person…

A stick figure saying what\'s the address

Missing Data

This comic visual represents a day I had an interview scheduled for my part-time job. A day before the interview, I talked with the manager and discussed the…

Girl had no idea and many question marks in her head before, while it seems she learned knowledge from this course.

Before/ After Taking This Course

Before I take this course, I felt confusing when I saw a bunch of key vocabularies on psychology textbook, as these vocabularies were beyond of my everyday life…

A person looks more confident in handling the daily challenge through psychology

BEFORE/AFTER taking this course

I was worried that I could not do well in the course. However, it turns out to be redundant worrisome. I enjoy this course since it gives me…

Theres a sad circle and a happy circle that is smiling the sad circle has his arms down and looks upset while the happy circle is smiling theres an arrow between the two suggesting that the sad one has turned happy

Before and After

I wasn’t sure if I should take this class before I started it. But I soon realized how much I would enjoy this class. I came in with…



A stick figure before this class sad and full of anxiety. A stick figure after that is happy and steps leading up to happiness even if the steps…

A cat figure expects to be fed, whenever a stick figure enters the kitchen.

Jumping to the Wrong Conclusion

I have a very curious cat, and she thinks whenever I go to the kitchen I will feed her, although her dishes are full.

A stick figure is in the horror of giant spider hanging over the bed, but another figure doesn\'t see anything.

Sleep ?!

I’m a heavy sleeper, but one night, I opened my eyes and I saw a giant spider was hanging over the bed, I woke my husband up with…

The girl cracks her knuckles, her friend tells her not to

Myth on Cracking Knuckles

There is a myth that cracking your knuckles can cause arthritis or make your fingers grow larger; I was frequently told this since I had a habit of…

Girl can\'t bear to look in the dark or shadows, her eyes play tricks on her

Sleep Hallucination

In my first year, after not sleeping for approximately 2-3 days straight, my eyes were having trouble adjusting to the dark, and every time I saw a dark,…

Girl goes to class thinking she knows her schedule, but the teacher tells her otherwise

Memory Fail

In high school, we had a timetable system where classes would change order, but it wasn’t always clear when. For example, there was a time when I believed…

IN this stick figure there are two scenes: before scene, in which there is a a clock and calendar with cross sign on them. On the other side, after scene, there is a clock and a calendar with tick symbol on them.


In this comic, before starting this course I was not punctual in terms of doing assignments and after doing this course now I am punctual as I did…

Girl with sadness and confusion in her brain and girl with happiness and knowledge in her brain

Before/After taking this course

Before taking this course, I found myself to be unhappy and questioning the different aspects of psychology. After going through the content of this course and completing the…

figure cross arms and rolls eyes next to computer. figure smiling and thumbs up next to computer with other figures on screenup

Before and After

I entered this class with a bad attitude. I had already done intro psych and also advanced psych courses and was not looking forward at all to having…

stick figure holding a bowl

Epic Research Fail

I was in charge of cooking dinner for my family. But when following the recipe, I accidentally skipped some steps. The food still came out good, but I…