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stick figure saying \

Faulty Memory

This comic shows a drawing of me saying “oops” since I left the door wide open when I went out with my friends. My parents came home with…

Person standing on a street waving at another person, other person reciprocates the wave. A car then pulls up to the first person who opens the door. Last frame on second person who looks very embraced and confused.

Jumping to the Wrong Conclusion!

Once I was walking on the street and someone waved in my direction looking at… what I thought was me. Then suddenly a taxi parked right next to…

Two people are standing on a steep incline, one holding a cup and the other falling down. Both wearing camping gear and a surprised look on their face.

A Little Goes a Long Way

When I was on a school camping trip in high school, my group and I were struggling to climb a VERY dangerous and tricky incline to the camp…

A stick figure showing an increase level in knowledge after taking psychology 1100 course in comparison to before.


Being a student from a psychological background I was aware of some psychological key terms before taking this course, but not in detail. After taking this course, I…

A stick person laying in bed with a smiling. A though bubble of another stick person and a clock that says 2am

Before/after taking this course

At the start of this semester/this course. I would often stay up super late worrying about getting my work done and just because I could not fall asleep….

Stick person with long hair holding a cookie and looking shocked. More cookie on the table in front of the stick person

Missing Data

In this omic, I am holding a very flat cookie, after taking them out of the oven I realized that I did not use backing powder so the…

Two persons, one with brain power 100% and another with brain power 0%.

Before and after this course.

I feel that before and after taking this course my brain power have increase from 0% to 100% as there were really a lot of valuable and knowledgeable…



These are two stick figures in which I represented myself before and after choosing this Psychology course. So, before choosing this course I was not aware about psychology…

Comic divided into two sides: Before ~ Stick figure at an unorganized table, working on the computer annoyed and tired. Thought bubble reads - “I have to finish that and do that… oh and that too”. After ~ Stick figure at an organized table, working on the computer. The stick figure is happier than before, beside the stick figure, there are some notes and a To-Do List. Thought bubble reads - “Ok almost… Done. Break time!”

Before/After Taking This Course

Before this course, whenever I tried to make a plan or something, it usually never works or it just does not go well, which was also the case…

Right: Stick figure stressed out. Left: There is a piece of paper and above it, it says “Missing”.

Faulty Memory

This happened last term, where I had made a few notes/ideas for a project, which was for the final project for the course before the final exam. I…

Two stick figures representing different thoughts before and after taking this course.


Before taking this course I was very stressed as this is my first semester and I was assuming that it would be too difficult to complete this course….

A wallet is emerged somewhere. One said that your wallet is on the table, yet another one said that she took it.

Faulty Memory

I remembered one day I had to go to Richmond center to find my mom. However, when I already arrived Richmond center, my grandmother called me that I…

In image, I saw a light and two people, one said the lamp was off and the other said the lamp was on


One time when I went out I remembered that the light was off, but after I went out my mother called me to say why the light was…

Stick figure holding a bike lock and a phone next a bike with question marks over his head.


Last summer, I borrowed my dad’s bike and asked him what the code for his lock was. He texted me the wrong code so when I went to…

Two stick figures representing before and after mindset of a person with clouds on the left side and sunshine on the right side.

Before and after taking this course

So, before taking this course I was like this is gonna be a little boring class but as we get through it week by week it was just…

A stick person standing in front of the mall and a thinking bubble with another two stick members having a conversation about purse.

Faulty memory

So this happened yesterday me and my mom thought to go the mall for spring shopping and before going I asked her that does have her purse and…

Stick figure is sitting front of laptop, and thinking about the terrible past before taking this course.

“Before/After this taking this course”

Before beginning this course, I was honestly sad about my studies and all of the classes. Nevertheless, after finishing the course, I was overjoyed. I want to highlight…

Stick figure is trying so hard to sleep but can\'t.


In this comix, you can see how anxious I am and how I am unable to sleep. I have my midterms tomorrow, which count for 30% of my…

Hands cutting fingernails.

Myth About Humans

In some traditions, cutting your fingernails at night opens the door for negative spirits to enter your body through the fresh-cut in your fingernails. According to Japanese legend,…

Stick figure is sitting front of laptop and being sad.

“Stuff Happens”!!!!

I was once taking a physics exam while calmly taking a y exam. I was almost finished when my computer shut off, even though it was fully charged,…