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Think about a time when technology failed you and there were consequences.

In this comic the stick figure lost her moms wedding ring and her mom is getting angry.

Stuff Happens

In this comic I was near 5-6 years old and I lost my mom’s wedding ring and she was so angry and upset from me that I did…

In this figure a person here is tensed and on the other hand there was notes which were missing

Stuff Happens!!!

This was a time when I was in Secondary School and by the end of the semester, I lost my Mathematics notes at that time I feel like…

A person who teaching a class

Stuff happens!!!

I volunteered as a teacher’s assistant at a place teaching refugee children. There a day the teacher didn’t come, I had to teach the kids and use chocolate…



last month when i was giving my midterm exam, i lost internet connection midway Due to which i got nervous. But everything went well and i got a…

A stick figure standing in front of a table with a computer on it and says power out.


I had a midterm on one fine day. I needed to score well. Everything was going fine. I was about to submit my test, and there was a…

Stick figure is sitting front of laptop and being sad.

“Stuff Happens”!!!!

I was once taking a physics exam while calmly taking a y exam. I was almost finished when my computer shut off, even though it was fully charged,…

A person sit in front of a crashed computer.

Stuff happens

I was ready to submit my work and the computer crashed. I lost some of the work that I have done in 1 hour. Luckily, I didn’t lose…

Theres a computer monitor that seems to be sick and not feeling well

Stuff happens

One day my computer stopped working while doing my work and I got really sad cause I missed out on the work marks so I was sad but…

A stick figure feeling sad and helpless because of technology fail during an online exam.


During a pandemic, I gave all my exams online. On the day of my psychology exam when I finished writing half of my paper suddenly everything on my…

The stick figure represents with sad face and loose arms because one time my phone broken due to which I could not go for my appointment and it got missed. I was facing problem in waking up in the morning without alarm. I could not contact people because the contact numbers were saved in my phone and could not recall them.

Stuff Happens!!!

The stick figure shows a sad person, a broken phone and the thoughts and consequences due to the phone in the bubbles.

The person looks quite confused about the guests\' list

Stuff Happens!!!

One time I was responsible for organized a small party, and I forgot to collect my guests’ phone numbers. I didn’t have their social media either, so I…

A computer screen that says no connection. A girl standing beside the computer with a confused/worried face.

Stuff Happens!!!

This one time I was doing a quiz and the internet connection was unstable. I didn’t think I would lose connection mid way of my quiz so I…

An open laptop with \

Stuff Happens!!!

Last semester I was working on an assignment late at night. I had clicked the submission button and went to bed. The next day when I opened by…

An empty table in a market showcase


My oven was broken one day before the market showcase. That’s why I didn’t have anything to display for the first day. It was heartbreaking

A laptop screen shows the word “Quiz”, a loading icon and a countdown time “0:04”. On the right, a clock is ticking.

Technology fails

One time, I was having a quiz online. When I was about to submit my quiz, the Wi-Fi connection failed. I tried a few times. There was only…

A car travelling along the red line on a map. An easier route is drawn in green.


I was on my way back from a ski trip in the Rockies with some friends when Google Maps reset and directed us to drive on the Crows…

Stick figure freaking out as his laptop shut down in the middle of a test due to wifi error.

Stuff Happens

There was a construction taking place two houses from mine. Their machine struck the wires, causing a power outage throughout the block. I was in the middle of…

View from inside car as it drives down road with a dead cell phone on dash, passing car and road sign can be seen. In the next frame someone gets an exciting thought to turn left at the gas station

Stuff happens!

I was leaving a camping trip and my phone was dead. At first I thought I was lost but then I saw a sign for a gas station…

Radio got damaged.

Stuff happens!!

One day I was using my grandfather’s old radio to listen to music. When I turned it on, it start sparkling and making noises. I was nervous and…

Stick figure standing by his computer sweating with an error message on his monitor that states "email error".


In this comic, I was scrambling to complete an assignment as well as emailing it to my professor at the last minute. My assignment was due at midnight…