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“Missing data” – An important object or some critical information was missing that affected your ability to go forward with your activity. (Remember to post your comic slam within 7 days of the class it was given)

In this comic the stick figure is worried that she missed her class because she was travelling in the flight.

Missing Data

In the comic I was so worried that I missed my KPU class because I was travelling in the flight and all way long I was thinking about…

Assignment Due

This is me being stressed out about an assignment due on that particular day with only a few hours left.

Stick figure looking worried, thought bubble saying the stick figure lost a calculator.

Missing Data/Object

I remember in high school before a very important test for my Math class, I had lost my calculator that day. I remember feeling very stressed, thinking I…

A figure being confused

Missing data

I had work and school to go to and I remember putting my keys in my usual spot and they weren’t there. I ended up searching for 10…

It was a time when I just started learning cooking and baking. So it was trying to surprise my dad with a cake on his birthday. While preparing it, I just forget the order in which I was supposed to put things. I tried to look after it in my notes but I had already made a mess. In the end I was just wondering whether to make it or just throw it away!


The above stick figure is very confused and just does not know what to do next and how?!



Last year I was trying to make an Indian dish called Shahi paneer in which cream is used. since I ran out of cream I search on the…

A stick figure saying what\'s the address

Missing Data

This comic visual represents a day I had an interview scheduled for my part-time job. A day before the interview, I talked with the manager and discussed the…

Stick person with long hair holding a cookie and looking shocked. More cookie on the table in front of the stick person

Missing Data

In this omic, I am holding a very flat cookie, after taking them out of the oven I realized that I did not use backing powder so the…

Stick figure holding a bike lock and a phone next a bike with question marks over his head.


Last summer, I borrowed my dad’s bike and asked him what the code for his lock was. He texted me the wrong code so when I went to…

In a Class Lab with teacher talking to his students.

Missing Data

There was supposed to be an in-class project that required some sort of container, but I didn’t know nor did my partner on what kind, so we brought…

Stick figure sitting in front of the tv confused playing with the remote

Missing data

I had confused eastern time and pacific time the movie was supposed to start at 6 pm eastern time so 3 pm pacific and when I turned on…

The stick figure, me, is holding my phone on WhatsApp

Missing Data

I am holding my phone and have noticed that all my data was not backed up from WhatsApp when I switched phones and there was no way to…

Theres a man that doesnt look happy at all while hes driving in his car he has a frown on his face and his eyes look tired

Missing information

One day i was driving to a bank appointment that I was already late for, about halfway I reached for my pocket and it was empty. I had…

picture of a phone with apps and on the bottom right there is a question mark

Missing data

I was supposed to do a project on my phone for a class last semester and the one app I needed to present was missing and I couldn’t…

2 concepts, one of which was not understood and worried person near pc

Missing data

I did not understand one of 2 key concepts in a class someday and after that, I was so worried that I will fail on my quiz. And…

A person is shocked.

Missing data

Actually, it happens two months ago when I bought a new phone in canada . I was very happy after buying a new phone but when I switched…

In this picture, the character was so happy with have a phone. But, this character also get unhappy mood cause lose the phone.

Missing data

I am a person who can know all of things that can be found out on internet in few more minuns.However, I am a loser when I without…

Stick figure baking but is missing an ingredient

Missing Data

In this comic, I was baking cookies but half way through I realized I was missing an ingredient so I was not able to continue baking.

Outside the door, there are a question mark, a figure holding a flower, a figure holding a party horn and a figure holding a cake with a lighted candle. Inside the door, there is a question mark.

Missing information

One time, my friends and I were preparing a surprise birthday for a friend. We knocked on my friend’s door, but we did not know that the birthday…

A person walking to the skytrain and dropping their wallet.


On my way to work one morning, I went to tap my Compass card at the skytrain station and realized I had dropped my wallet! I had to…