stick figure child picks up blue cape.


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A person on the left surrounded by multiple words that says Anxiety then a person on the right that is calm and sitting on the ground and looking happy with a clock on the right that says 8:00 am.

Before and After

Before this course, my main mental health struggle has always been anxiety. I struggled really badly with disappointing myself when I don’t finish tasks I have for the…

A bowl with unmade baked goods inside with a bag of sugar and salt

Epic Research Fail

This comic shows one of my epic research fails, I was trying to bake cookies and I had mistakenly used salt instead of sugar, the cookies tasted terrible…

A tired person with baggy eyes awake at 7:30AM with a thought bubble saying \


This Comic depicts an early morning where I had slept late and had to wake up early for a family gathering, besides the lack of sleep I got…

on the left is a stick figure standing in the rain, on the right is a stick figure standing in the sun

before after

before this course, I had more anxiety and I was not as happy as I could be. now I find myself happier more accomplished and with better mental…

In the image above there is an individual who is speaking and showing more expressions on the right. On the left the individual is standing quietly.

Before/After taking this course

Before taking this course, I was the type of person to keep my emotions in more the most part. After taking this course, personally, I see self-growth specifically…

Stick Figure holding a paper and regretting not submitting in time or checking things properly.

Jumping to the wrong conclusion

I don’t frequently miss things, but something happened that blew my head. All of my assignments are usually due on Monday. This project was unexpectedly scheduled for Sunday…

stick figure saving her mother and indirectly, her sister too, from falling.

My Hero’s Story

So this comic is of the time when me, my mother and elder sister went to Metro Station in Delhi, India for the first time. As we got…

On the right of the image there is a girl sitting at her computer looking at a zoom meeting for her Psychology class. She has a thought bubble above her head that says “new class. God I’m so nervous”. To the right of the image there is a girl standing wearing a red cape with a thought bubble that says “I can fly”.

Before/after taking this course

At the beginning of the course I was super anxious and nervous. I remember sitting in my desk in the first zoom class scared of how difficult the…

technological glitch at work made the stick figure earned scornful looks from customer

Stuff happens!

Once at work I decided to do the configuration update for the system as I didn’t see any customer approaching. Little did I knew that a person was…

In this comic the stick figure is worried that she lost all her notes from the class.

Faulty memory

In this comic I was working on my notes, but when I opened my laptop I saw that I lost all my notes from the class. By mistake…

In this comic the stick figure is worried that she missed her class because she was travelling in the flight.

Missing Data

In the comic I was so worried that I missed my KPU class because I was travelling in the flight and all way long I was thinking about…

In this comic the stick figure lost her moms wedding ring and her mom is getting angry.

Stuff Happens

In this comic I was near 5-6 years old and I lost my mom’s wedding ring and she was so angry and upset from me that I did…

stick persons shocked as laptop randomly updates

Epic Research Fail

My comic is me last year when my laptop randomly decided to update 30 minutes before my final project was due for a class. The work didn’t even…

Image of person walking under ladder


This is a picture of a myth that my uncle told me. When I was a kid , I was messing around with stuff and my uncle told…

Me after studying the course

The way I feel after the course.


My Goals and my current situation

This is me dreaming about my future goals, and comparing my current situation.

Assignment Due

This is me being stressed out about an assignment due on that particular day with only a few hours left.

My Future

I am thinking about How my life is gonna look in next 10 years!

A stick figure is meditation with headphones on and a phone in one hand, various symbols in a thought bubble over his head organizing themselves into straight lines.

Before/After taking this course

It was a bumpy road but my thoughts are doing better than they used to.