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Show a scene of a time when you believed a myth about humans, i.e., something you did would (according to popular myth) affect another person or something they did would (according to popular myth) affect you. Note this should be a general myth that would apply to all humans not stereotypes about gender, race, or subcategories of humans. (Remember to post your comic slam within 7 days of the class it was given)

Image of person walking under ladder


This is a picture of a myth that my uncle told me. When I was a kid , I was messing around with stuff and my uncle told…

The place where I came from is very religious and believes in many things whether right or wrong. So it is a very strong belief that if we are going somewhere and a cat cuts our way then something very terrible is gonna happen to us and to avoid it, we must stay there and let someone else pass through that way so that our punishment gets shifted to him! So basically cats are believed to be unlucky.


In the above stick figure, a cat is passing through a person and that person is very scared and feels to be in a trouble now.



in my childhood my grandma used to stop me from moving legs while sitting on the chair. later i come to know that it is believed, moving legs…

One stick figure laying on the floor and saying now my height will not grow and second stick figure jumping over the first


I have grown up with this myth that if a person jumps over you while lying, you will no longer grow your height. It means that a person…

The girl cracks her knuckles, her friend tells her not to

Myth on Cracking Knuckles

There is a myth that cracking your knuckles can cause arthritis or make your fingers grow larger; I was frequently told this since I had a habit of…

Hands cutting fingernails.

Myth About Humans

In some traditions, cutting your fingernails at night opens the door for negative spirits to enter your body through the fresh-cut in your fingernails. According to Japanese legend,…

A black cat

Myth about Humans

A black cat is walking. In my community a black cat is considered bad luck.

A stick figure is falling on the ground from air

myth about humans

Some people think that when we have dream of falling its our angel saving us from dying

A stick figure and inside the stomach there is a lemon and on the right side beside him is a lemon as well

Myth About Humans

My mom used to always say when I need a lemon seed I will have a lemon growing inside of me when I was a kid I actually…

The stick figure shows I am sleeping on my bed and there is a flipped shoe kept by the side of the bed because when I was little and was used to have horror nightmares. To calm me down and put to peaceful sleep my grand mother put upside down shoe beside my bed pole on my side and told me that now I will not bad dreams.

Myth about Humans

The stick figure shows a person laying down with a flipped shoe kept by the headboard.

A stick figure sneezing before going for an interview.

Myths about Human

So in this comic I portrayed a very popular myth that if someone sneeze’s it is recognized as a bad luck and inauspicious.

the superstition that money should be given with 1 additional dollar rather than an even number

Myth about humans

A superstition my family believes is that when you’re gifting money you should give the amount plus 1 additional dollar for good luck, so you should ideally receive…

myth about humans

When i was a child my mother used tell me that we should not comb our hair at night as it brings bad luck

A person crushing a spider against a wall aggressively whilst a rain cloud creeps in behind them.

Myth About Humans

When I was a child my mother would tell me that killing a spider would cause 7 days of rain after the fact. This however was not an…

stick figure cussing resulting in dead body

Myth About Humans

When I was younger, I was told that if I was to ever swear or lie than someone would die. Because of this belief of mine, I refrained…

Glass of water, a clock and a stick figure sleeping with a thought/dream bubble filled with sunshine and butterflies

Myth about humans

I was told by my parents that if you drank a glass of water before bed you would have good dreams (and on the flipside, if you did…

Two stick figures talking

Myth about Humans

When I was younger I was told if you swallow gum its going to stay in your body for 7 years.

My parents tell me that when kids start to lying their nose will getting longer.

Myth about humans

My parents tell me that when kids start to lying their nose will getting longer.

Stick figure eating a watermelon seed and having a watermelon grow inside of him!

Myth About Humans

My older sister told me when I was young that if I ate the seeds of a watermelon, they would grow inside of me. So when I ate…

Doing crossword puzzles improves memory

Myth About Humans

It is actually an extremely popular myth that doing crossword puzzles improves memory but the fact is that there is no benefit other than making you an expert…