Once at work I decided to do the configuration update for the system as I didn’t see any customer approaching. Little did I knew that a person was filling up his car at a pump which I couldn’t see. And while the system is updating, the pumps stop working which means any transaction made is automatically cancelled out. The customer was not able to fill up his car and came in complain about the same. I told her it would take about 2 minutes at most but he started yelling and told me how careless I am that I didn’t see him, that he was getting late to some place. Hearing his screaming, my trainer came in and tried to explain the situation but to no avail. At last, the system got updated and he went to put gas in his car all while giving me advice on how I should be careful and not commit such petty errors while working.

Who is sharing this comic? Author?: KPU13.PALAP
Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: technological glitch at work made the stick figure earned scornful looks from customer