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Sleep is not guaranteed or always restful. Show a scene of a time in your life when your sleep — or lack of sleep — lead to an “adventure.” For example, did you ever have insomnia, an amazing dream, sleep-deprivation-related hallucinations, nightmares or sleep terrors, restless legs, or sleep walking or talking? (Remember to post your comic slam within 7 days of the class it was given)

A tired person with baggy eyes awake at 7:30AM with a thought bubble saying \


This Comic depicts an early morning where I had slept late and had to wake up early for a family gathering, besides the lack of sleep I got…

Girl laying in a bed with a scared expression on her face hiding under the sheets. Ghosts and monsters are coming out from under her bed


When I was a little girl, I used to get nightmares all the time and i thought that there were monsters under my bed. Sometimes even when I…

The stick figure person showing a sad face because of lack of sleep and there is a night scene beside the figure.


I am not able to sleep that night because of annual celebration in my school the next day as I got the responsibility for some of the events…

I was so used to watching horror movies before sleeping that it just became my habit and at late night is used to be so scared that all the scenes of ghosts would flash into my head due to which I could just barely sleep. I used to believe that someone is following me or someone is just near me. It was very hard for me to recover through it but with the help of my mom and believe in god I just made through it1


The above stick figure is very scared and could just feel of the ghosts surrounding him.

A stick figure lying on the pillow and tears in his eyes, and a clock indicating 3am


One day I went to sleep and suddenly, around 3 o clock in the morning, I started crying out loud in my sleep but still did not have…

A stick figure is in the horror of giant spider hanging over the bed, but another figure doesn\'t see anything.

Sleep ?!

I’m a heavy sleeper, but one night, I opened my eyes and I saw a giant spider was hanging over the bed, I woke my husband up with…

Girl can\'t bear to look in the dark or shadows, her eyes play tricks on her

Sleep Hallucination

In my first year, after not sleeping for approximately 2-3 days straight, my eyes were having trouble adjusting to the dark, and every time I saw a dark,…

Stick figure is trying so hard to sleep but can\'t.


In this comix, you can see how anxious I am and how I am unable to sleep. I have my midterms tomorrow, which count for 30% of my…

A comic figure is sleeping peacefully


This is about time when I was so tired I did not realised I slept in the bus and it was at the last stop, no one woke…

The stick figure, me, is sleeping in bed and there is a dream bubble about and in the dream bubble there is the ghost, The Nun.


I am in bed dreaming about the ghost, which Is to me is the scariest, The Nun, based on the movie. Her face terrifies me and sometimes when…

A guy is sitting on a chair and falling asleep slouched over his eyes look very tired and he is holding a phone in his hand


I hadnt been sleeping well, ive always had trouble with falling asleep. This day I was especially exhausted I fell asleep on my couch in just a few…

Person sitting on his chair while being very sleepy while the computer is right in front of him.


I used to always go to sleep very late with me doing homework or playing games and always the next day I am always sleepy while in class…

Due to my work and exams anxiety, I could not rest enough and had sleep deprivation which affected my vision. While I was driving to work one day, everything looked blurry, and my eyes were getting close.


The stick figure shows a sleepy person driving a car whose vision is not very clear either.

A sleeping person in bed receives a text. The next frame shows them awake, looking puzzled at their phone.


I have a bad habit of being half awake when I receive texts while I’m sleeping. I then go back to sleep and “dream” what the text says,…

A person seems to have a nightmare at sleep


I dreamed of being chased by zombies, which typically happens when under stress. I guess the pressure of mid-term causes this time. I hope I can get a…

Stick figure looking stressed while sitting on bed with pillow.


Actually, in this comix I’m looking so stressed and not able to sleep at night because I had lot of stress of my 12 exam that day i…

Stick person sleeping in a bed. Below a speech bubble containing \


When I was younger, I used to watch Dora the Explorer everyday. I watched it so often that I started yelling “Swiper no swiping!” in my sleep. I…

Two people standing next to each other looking at an Indigenous canoe flowing down a body of water with people inside. There are trees and mountains around them.


I had a very active dream where I was guided by an Indigenous man who was fully dressed in traditional West Coast garments. He brought me to the…

A sleepy girl is standing on a chair holding soup with the word "smash" and an arrow above her head.The tooth fairy is above her.


Once when I was little, I was so tired I fell asleep while eating dinner. My head smashed into my tomato soup, but the bowl was too small…

Two people are talking at the dinner table and a cat is beside them. Upstairs, a person is sleeping but hears what happens downstairs.


One time I was sleeping during the day. My family was having a meal and talking. My cat was also with them. Although I was asleep, I had…