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Sleep is not guaranteed or always restful. Show a scene of a time in your life when your sleep — or lack of sleep — lead to an “adventure.” For example, did you ever have insomnia, an amazing dream, sleep-deprivation-related hallucinations, nightmares or sleep terrors, restless legs, or sleep walking or talking? (Remember to post your comic slam within 7 days of the class it was given)

The stick figure person had a bad dream and with that fear he fell down from the bed.


It’s an incident when I was 10 years old I dream of that a rat is on my bed which was like in real the rat is moving…

A stick figure having disturbed sleep at night, usually dreaming about ghosts or other horror content .


It is usual for me to have dreams related to horror content during my sleep, especially whenever I watch any horror movie. Sometimes, I sweat at night and…

Stick figure getting out of bed to attempt to open a door whilst asleep


In this stick figure scene, I was roughly 10 years old, living in my family friends cabin in Sweden. My mom told me that I got up in…

A person who is sleep-talking and sleep-walking


I always have asleep talking and sleepwalking if I have tests, so I solve equations all night. One of the things I do not like is if you…

A woman inside a jeepney, sleeping.


I always have trouble sleeping. I will never forget the time I slept inside the jeepney going home. When I woke up, I passed my stop, and I…

In this image, when character was sleeping, heared the sound of airplane and dreamed that he was hearing noise as being on a rocket.


During sleep, I am a light sleeper, outside noise can enter the dream and affect the quality of my dream.

In image, a man Sleeping in bed, the noise from the outside world caused him to have nightmares, in which he was killed.


I have nightmares when it’s noisy outside when I’m sleeping, it can cause me to wake up. It will affect my sleep. Makes me feel really bad on…

A man lays in bed with insomnia thinking about numbers.


Often times, when I’m stressed, I suffer from insomnia. When this happens, I lay in bed for hours just thinking about my problems and how to solve them…

person with crazy hair, long eyes, and a scary grin


Over the summer, when I was under a lot of stress, I had my first sleep paralysis experience. I saw a person standing in the corner of my…

On the left, I am taking a shower while sleeping. Then, on the right, it is me asleep in bed while dripping in water.


When I was younger, I used to sleep walk all the time and to make it worst, I’m also the heaviest sleeper. In one instance, I took a…

Child laying in bed with her eyes open and a scared expression on her face.The name \

Sleep Adventure

When I was a child I remember falling asleep after I arrived home from school one day. I woke up into a state of sleep paralysis. I could…

one person is walking while sleeping.


so what happens with me always is whenever i am overstressed and not able to sleep well, i stand up from my bed and start walk. i literally…

Person sleeping on a bed with nightmares such as being late, having overwhelming amounts of work, and being chased.


During one stressful period in my life, I could never get a night of restful sleep! My dreams always consist of unfortunate events such as me constantly running…

stick figure dreaming about being late for a test


In this comic, I had a dream about being late for my midterm. I woke up very early since I was too worried about missing my midterm.

person angry trying to sleep on bed late at night


My comic is from a day when I had to go to work in the morning but couldn’t go back to sleep. I couldn’t go to sleep until…

In this drawing, there is a girl sleep on a couch next to her dog.


There was a night when I could not seem to fall asleep no matter what I tried. I tried meditation, sleeping pills etc. and finally ended up walking…

stick figures sitting in train, with one girl experiencing sleep paralysis


My family and I were on a trip, and on the train from Spain to France, I got sleep paralysis when I fell asleep on the train ride….

stick figure person lying on the bed a night before exam.


Once I had an important exam and because of that, I couldn’t get proper sleep. This was because I was very stressed about the exam and so I…

A guy fighting the monster


I always dream that I am fighting the same monster again, and I will sleep talking about my victory.

Stick figure fainted; lying on the floor


I only got two hours of sleep and rushed to the hospital because my cousin had a baby girl. I was so tired that I fainted right there…