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You are nearing the end of our course. Time to reflect on what you have learned this term in Introduction to Psychology. CREATE a Before/After comic that shows how you have changed as a result of coming in contact with the Intro Psyc course content and learning activities. (Remember to post your comic slam within 7 days of the class it was given)

A person on the left surrounded by multiple words that says Anxiety then a person on the right that is calm and sitting on the ground and looking happy with a clock on the right that says 8:00 am.

Before and After

Before this course, my main mental health struggle has always been anxiety. I struggled really badly with disappointing myself when I don’t finish tasks I have for the…

on the left is a stick figure standing in the rain, on the right is a stick figure standing in the sun

before after

before this course, I had more anxiety and I was not as happy as I could be. now I find myself happier more accomplished and with better mental…

In the image above there is an individual who is speaking and showing more expressions on the right. On the left the individual is standing quietly.

Before/After taking this course

Before taking this course, I was the type of person to keep my emotions in more the most part. After taking this course, personally, I see self-growth specifically…

On the right of the image there is a girl sitting at her computer looking at a zoom meeting for her Psychology class. She has a thought bubble above her head that says “new class. God I’m so nervous”. To the right of the image there is a girl standing wearing a red cape with a thought bubble that says “I can fly”.

Before/after taking this course

At the beginning of the course I was super anxious and nervous. I remember sitting in my desk in the first zoom class scared of how difficult the…

Me after studying the course

The way I feel after the course.

A stick figure is meditation with headphones on and a phone in one hand, various symbols in a thought bubble over his head organizing themselves into straight lines.

Before/After taking this course

It was a bumpy road but my thoughts are doing better than they used to.

The stick figure on the left is nose-deep into a book, the thought bubble saying it is stressed. The stick figure on the right is walking outside with a smile on a sunny day, the thought bubble with a relaxed \

Before/After Psych 101

Before his course and the wellness practice, I was always extremely hard on myself, covered in a mountain of readings and assignments. I stopped focusing on my health…

In the first stage the stick figure looks sad and tensed it was just before taking the course but after taking the psychology course it looks cheerful

Before/After Taking This Course

I used to remain regretful and downcast most of my time as I am new here and I am very thankful for my luck that I get a…

sad stick figure on left, happy stick figure on right

Before/After Taking This Course

I am glad I took this course since I learned a lot about mind and behaviour in such a short period of time. The Get Cape project also…

stick figure sad and tired to stick figure happy and energized

Before and after taking this course

At the beginning of this course I was always in a bad mood and tired but after taking this course I began to sleep more due to my…

Stick figure looking confused then happy

Before/After taking this course

In this comic, I am shown being confused as I have never taken a Psychology course since I am in a Marketing diploma. But during this course I…

In image, a man who was sad and a bad comic before, now he is happy.

Before/After Intro Psyc

Before I didn’t take this class of psyc1100, I felt very sad every day and I was very introverted, and I couldn’t draw comic . After taking this…

An explosion on a person's head, and the word "psychology"

Before/After Taking This Course

Before taking this course, I knew I would enjoy every second of it but I didn’t realize that I would find a course, such as this, so fun,…

This comic is a before and after cartoon. On the left side of the screen, there is a title written "before" with a stick figure with sweat dripping off of him. There is a thought bubble attached to the stick figure stating "I'm stressed for this semester". On the right side of the comic, there is a title stating "After" with a smiling stick figure. There is a thought bubble attached to this character that says "It went great".


At the beginning of the semester, I was stressed about how much workload my courses would involve as well as how learning in a group would affect my…

A person who thinks to enter to new door

Before & After This taking this course

Before I started this class, I was 5-course options, and one of them was psychology. And I chose it because it was the only course I could take…

Before taking this course I used to be very confused about a lot of stuff and had a lot of things going in my head at a time. But after taking this course, I have become very calm and composed and I am now able to make quick decisions about what is to be done and what not!

Before and after this course

The stick figure is very confused before and has many things going on in mind at a time but afterwards it’s just happy and calm.

The stick figure person shows the two faces one with feeling depressed and sadness before taking this course and other feeling happy and relaxed after completing this course.


Before taking this course I felt that this course was going to be too hard for me as I don’t know what to do and how to do…

first section of paper shows two textbooks and a stick figure estimating the time to read them. The second half of the paper shows an open text book with a page of notes and flash card, multiple clocks and a stick figure with an open mouth

Before/After taking this course

At the beginning of term I underestimated how long it would take to do things, such as read textbooks, take notes and create material to study with. After…

Before and after of a figure, the left side being a bit confused and the right side having a light bulb moment


At the start I was kind of intimidated with being in groups and having a class online. It ended being better then expected I found being in groups…

a person somewhat happy standing alongside another happier person with a knowledge chart above the happier persons head

Before/After Psych

Before the course I was still relatively happy but I had some anxiety and I had problems dealing with things when I’m under stress. Now after psych I…