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You are nearing the end of our course. Time to reflect on what you have learned this term in Introduction to Psychology. CREATE a Before/After comic that shows how you have changed as a result of coming in contact with the Intro Psyc course content and learning activities. (Remember to post your comic slam within 7 days of the class it was given)

A frustrated stick figure on the left with the words “before” written below them and a happy stick figure with a rainbow on their head on the right along with the words “after” below them

Before/after taking this course

Before taking this course, I used to overthink a lot. I always had negative thoughts and gave up on things before trying because I felt like I won’t…

This comic is divided into two parts before and after. In the before section I used to think about how this course will change us into a new personality and in the after I got to know how new me changed how I live my life and my thinking thoughts.

Before/After this taking this course

In this comic I talked about before and after experience life. In starting it was difficult for me to catch up in the class due to some reasons….

First panel shows stick figure looking skeptical. The second panel shows stick figure happy while looking over the psychology elearn page on a laptop

Before & After

At the beginning I was a bit skeptical about how I would do in this course. The team based learning was new and intimidating but looking back on…

On the ‘before’ side a stick figure sees one line with the word ‘university’. The ‘after’ side has more lines and the word ‘learning’.

Before and After Taking this Course

Before taking this course, I felt like there was one way to approach university, absorb the material, and get my degree. After taking this course, instead of focussing…

a stick figure happy shown as the before. Stick figure exhausted shown in the after.


In my comic, Before me is happy and naive. After is shown as exhausted because I learned that it is quite difficult to accomplish all my goals with…

stick figure illustrating the changes she observed before and after taking PSYC 1100 course

before/ after taking this course

The before part of this comic is of the time when I just came to Canada, there was a lot going on in my mind. I somewhat came…

Stick figure person stressed and concerned on the right side, then the right side shows a happy person.

Before/After Taking This Course

Throughout this comic, I visualize my personal happiness and clarity through a quick sketch. Before taking this course, I didn’t have a clear drive for anything and was…

In this comic you can see 2 different sides. one side has a image of me with baggy eyes and awake at 2 am while the other image you can see me dozing off at 11pm at night in my cozy bed.


Throughout the years I have been very sleep deprived and haven’t realized it until this class. Before this class I didn’t sleep at all but after out little…

Left Side: Person lying in bed looking sad holding their phone with COVID-19, money, stress, and relationship images floating above them. Right side: Person sitting at a desk looking happy with kind messages around them and positive images floating above their head.

Before/After Taking This Course!

Before this course, it was hard starting another term mostly online. You feel isolated and stuck and deprived of social connection. Though, after taking this course, I have…

A grumpy person that turns into happy person

Before/After This Taking This Course

Before taking this course, I am very grumpy and lazy especially the class is every morning. But after taking this course, I became a jolly and active person.

two figures of same person show before and after results

“Before” & “After” taking this course

This was my first psych course, so I was a little nervous and came in with a sort of hopeless attitude that I might not be able to…

The stickfigure shows how stressed I was before starting the course \

Before/After this taking this course

In the comic two stick figure person shows the difference before and after taking the Introduction to psyc course.

Girl with discouraged expression has thought bubble containing tornado and question mark. Girl with hopeful expression has thought bubble containing tornado and lightbulb.

Before/After Taking This Course

Before this course I felt discouraged and confused about how to handle my anxiety. After this course I feel more hopeful that there are realistic strategies that I…

Stick figure comparing the start of this class the end.

Before and After

When I first decided to take this class, I had no idea what psychology was about. I was clueless to what I would learn in this course. Now…

Amazing results after taking this PSYCHOLOGY-1100 course

Before and after

Intially, I was making assumptions about the psychology. I was confused and nervous about taking this course. But after the completion, it was absolutely an amazing journey. Activities…

stick person feeling okay with life then feeling great and happier

Before & After Taking This Course

In my comic is me before and after I took this course. I felt pretty okay and content with life and knew that I could still do more…

two stick figures one is a bit confused and the other is happy.


before the class, I thought that it was going to be boring and dull, after doing the get cape project I really enjoyed it.

The was confused before taking the course but after the course person is very happy and satisfied.

Before and after

Before taking the course I was confused that will I complete this course successfully because I donot know anything about the psychology.I also thought about professor teaching method.but…

there are two faces of mine but in different time period that are before taking this course and after taking this course.

before and after taking this course

Before taking the course, I never step forward to maintain my happiness. I always used to stay anxious with my soo many responsibilities. but, after this course, especially…

Two stick figures are standing next to each other and one is sad and the other one is happy


Earlier was sad about the situation that I have started using my mobile phone so too but now after taking this course and doing the get cape activity…