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Before taking this course, I knew I would enjoy every second of it but I didn’t realize that I would find a course, such as this, so fun, inviting and over-the-moon enjoyable. You can say that my knowledge expanded, more so, this semester after taking this course. It is mind-blowingly inspirational, as it is, educational.

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Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: An explosion on a person's head, and the word "psychology"

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  1. Bochen Li

    I really like your comics, they are so well drawn. This class was great and taught us a lot

  2. Schae Arugay

    I totally agree I enjoyed this class as well and it definitely taught us a lot.

  3. of course! and the get cape project, I guess it did wonders too!

  4. Sukhmanpreet Kaur

    Hey, hope you are doing fine. I totally agree with you this was one of the best courses I ever had. It was full of fun, creativity and learning.

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