Actually, in this comix I’m looking so stressed and not able to sleep at night because I had lot of stress of my 12 exam that day i tried a lot to sleep but whenever I close my eyes thoughts of my exam came in my mind. sadly, that day I slept only for 1 hour and next day my exam goes good but i felt so restless.

Who is sharing this comic? Author?: CAP.KOMAK
Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: Stick figure looking stressed while sitting on bed with pillow.

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  1. Tharuneka Jegathesh

    I can relate.
    Hopefully you rested well after the exam.

  2. Your comic is so relatable. I have also been through this in the past.

  3. Hanna Hu

    I thought that I had an identical feeling as you before a test when I was in high school so I can entirely understand that feeling.

  4. Ishmeet Kaur Dhillon

    I believe that everyone going to school is on the same page.I found your comic very relatable.

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