Missing data

Actually, it happens two months ago when I bought a new phone in canada . I was very happy after buying a new phone but when I switched it on I found that my all contacts are erased from my mobile phone.I was shocked at that time.

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Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: A person is shocked.

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  1. Tharuneka Jegathesh

    Oh no! Things like these are always very frustrating. Hopefully you were able to retrieve all your contacts.

  2. Bochen Li

    Woo!You draw very well, I love your comics, it’s really annoying that the contacts are deleted.

  3. Gagandeep Grewal

    That’s frustrating for sure.


    Wow, your comic is amazing! You are so shocked that you jumped up high! I hope it was not too much trouble to get the contacts back!

  5. Daniel Gritsaenko

    The same exact thing happened to me when I got a new phone when I went to Russia it was the most terrible thing I have ever happened to me

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