Faulty Memory

This happened last term, where I had made a few notes/ideas for a project, which was for the final project for the course before the final exam. I thought that I had left the note on top of my notebook so I could take a look at it the next morning. After a while (and a little cleaning up) I went to bed.
The next morning when I went to get the piece of paper filled with the ideas and notes for the project, it was not there. I got so worried that I might have accidentally thrown it away while I was cleaning up and looked everywhere and made a little mess.
After a little more searching, I found out that I had left it INSIDE my notebook and not on top of it… 🤦‍♀️😅

Who is sharing this comic? Author?: KPU12.THARJ
Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: Right: Stick figure stressed out. Left: There is a piece of paper and above it, it says “Missing”.

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  1. Mansher

    That’s a nice comic! Honestly this has happened to me a few times too, whenever I misplace something I start to panic and worry too, you aren’t alone on this one. 🙂
    Misplacing is better than losing it completely.

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