A Little Goes a Long Way

When I was on a school camping trip in high school, my group and I were struggling to climb a VERY dangerous and tricky incline to the camp sight that we were forced to go to due to a combination of unexpected weather and dangerous animals (lol). We were climbing almost a full cliff face that was covered with huge boulders, wearing backpacks that weight up at 60 pounds each, while trying to stick together and keep balance. One of my friends asked me to hold a thermos for them so that they could climb a certain area, and right when I took the thermos they slipped and fell. They were fine! But if they were holding the thermos themselves they would have either LOST the thermos (an important piece of camping gear) or they could have injured themselves more than they already did. Yeah. My school’s location choices are extremely questionable.

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Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: Two people are standing on a steep incline, one holding a cup and the other falling down. Both wearing camping gear and a surprised look on their face.

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  1. Mansher

    Nice Comic! the visuals especially are clear cut.
    Your trip must have been quite an adventure, sounds exhausting but the thrill is part of fun I suppose, at least it’s good to hear that no one was seriously injured. 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I LOVE your comic! I am glad that no one got hurt on this adventurous trip. I like your title, “A Little Goes a Long Way” it encourages me to continue working on my assignments and overcome my anxiety caused by the overwhelming deadline. Thank you for bringing the delightfulness.

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