Before and after taking this course

So, before taking this course I was like this is gonna be a little boring class but as we get through it week by week it was just becoming more and more engaging. The get cape wear cape project is one the most amazing projects I have ever done. I enjoyed each and every morning session of our lectures. I was really anxious before taking this course but now am elated and much more happy. My communicating and public speaking have improved so much, I no longer feel uncomfortable or hesitant. I got to learn a wonderful thing that ‘ HERO IS IN EVERYONE’ we just need to work on it a little bit. I have made a lot of lovely memories from this course and will cherish them in a long way.

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Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: Two stick figures representing before and after mindset of a person with clouds on the left side and sunshine on the right side.

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  1. I agree that “HERO ISINEVERYONE.” It is one of my favorite takeaways from this course. Thank you for sharing and bringing this loving comic!

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