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Two stick figures representing before and after mindset of a person with clouds on the left side and sunshine on the right side.

Before and after taking this course

So, before taking this course I was like this is gonna be a little boring class but as we get through it week by week it was just…

A stick person standing in front of the mall and a thinking bubble with another two stick members having a conversation about purse.

Faulty memory

So this happened yesterday me and my mom thought to go the mall for spring shopping and before going I asked her that does have her purse and…

A stick figure somewhere in a park found a purse and then there’s another scene of same stick figure in front of the police station.

My Hero’s Story

So this happened in Summer of 2018. I was walking around the park near my home and I saw a purse on the ground. So I picked it…

A stick figure being confused and afraid because she forgot her very important notes she made for the class test.

Missing Data

So this happened two weeks ago, I had a very important test worth 30% of the course total. But unfortunately I forgot the notes or we can say…

A stick figure sneezing before going for an interview.

Myths about Human

So in this comic I portrayed a very popular myth that if someone sneeze’s it is recognized as a bad luck and inauspicious.

A stick figure laying down on the bed having bad a nightmare of falling from the building and then the stick figure on the other side falls out of the bed in real.


So in this comic I tried to portray a time when I had a nightmare of falling from the building or somewhere high and I woke up in…

A stick figure being confused about the road directions and another 2 stick figures being angry on the first one for loosing the correct directions and they end up on a dead end road somewhere in BC.

Epic Research Fail

So one time I was supposed to direct my father about the directions to Whistler and some how I put the wrong address and we were lost somewhere…

A stitck person laying dead in coffin but his hair and nails are still growing after the death.

Myths About Humans

In this comic, I have tried to show a myth that I have heard a lot that when humans die their hair and nails still grow. It is…

One stick person giving the other stick person a gift from her first salary.


So in this comic I tried to portray me giving a Christmas gift to my mom from my first ever salary. Last year I started doing part time…