Before this class, I studied with my laptop, textbook and notes on my own. Sometimes I got confused. After this course, I have grown in so many directions. I enjoy the interactive classes and I have picked up some more confidence through team-base learning. I see my potentials from different learning activities, such as doing comics, crosswords and the get cape research project. I have gained a clearer understanding of introduction psychology and I use it to reflect on my past and present. I also think about and plan for my well being of life and future goals.

Who is sharing this comic? Author?: CAP.TERES
Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: In the left panel, a calendar shows “Dec”. A girl studies with a laptop, notes, books and a pen. In the right panel, the calendar shows “Apr”. The girl wears a cape, laughs and talks through a speech bubble in front of the laptop. This panel also presents an 8-panel comic, a drawing of a shirt, a crossword, a research paper with graphs and a textbook.

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