10 Comics Tagged "CAP.TERES"

In the left panel, a calendar shows “Dec”. A girl studies with a laptop, notes, books and a pen. In the right panel, the calendar shows “Apr”. The girl wears a cape, laughs and talks through a speech bubble in front of the laptop. This panel also presents an 8-panel comic, a drawing of a shirt, a crossword, a research paper with graphs and a textbook.

Before/After taking this course

Before this class, I studied with my laptop, textbook and notes on my own. Sometimes I got confused. After this course, I have grown in so many directions….

A person with a suitcase points at a flight ticket which is behind another person with a suitcase.

My hero’s story

One time at an airport, someone was walking ahead and did not notice that his ticket dropped on the ground. I quickly spoke up and pointed at the…

A laptop screen shows the word “Quiz”, a loading icon and a countdown time “0:04”. On the right, a clock is ticking.

Technology fails

One time, I was having a quiz online. When I was about to submit my quiz, the Wi-Fi connection failed. I tried a few times. There was only…

Outside the door, there are a question mark, a figure holding a flower, a figure holding a party horn and a figure holding a cake with a lighted candle. Inside the door, there is a question mark.

Missing information

One time, my friends and I were preparing a surprise birthday for a friend. We knocked on my friend’s door, but we did not know that the birthday…

There is an exam schedule, a clock and figure facing the exam paper on the desk. On the back of the figure’s head, there are a drop sweat, a question mark and two exclamation marks.

Jumping to the wrong conclusion

When I was in secondary school, once I had three exams in one day, english listening test, english writing test and history test. On the exam schedule, the…

Two people are talking at the dinner table and a cat is beside them. Upstairs, a person is sleeping but hears what happens downstairs.


One time I was sleeping during the day. My family was having a meal and talking. My cat was also with them. Although I was asleep, I had…

left side (GOOGLE): a bag of chips, a fountain drink, and a candy bar; right side (PSYCINFO): an apple, some vegetables, and organic oats.

Google vs PsycInfo

Our team’s analogy for Google vs. PsycInfo is convenient fast-food against healthy raw ingredients. Going to 7/11 or McDonalds for something to eat is easy and satisfying, just…

A figure with a question mark on her head is looking at a map on the laptop screen.

Epic Research Fail

One time I was doing a research and I forgot that different countries could have the same city names. I ended up researching information about another place and…

A person lies on the bed with a sad face on the left. Another person stands on the ground, pointing at the back of the person on bed and shouting. His words become words and arrows, stabbing at the back of the person on the bed.

Myth about human

A lot of the people do not know that mental illness is a real issue and the words they say to others can really hurt people.

On the window ledge, there is an empty plant pot with a note on it . Next, a little plant springs up and a girl is watering it.


One day in a classroom, I noticed there was an empty plant pot on the window ledge with a note on it. I read the note. It was…