A friend and I went out for lunch and couldn’t finish one of our entrees, so I got it to go. On our way home, we saw a girl with her pets, a dog and a rat, outside Waterfront station asking for cash. I had seen her there before and felt like I should do more than give her a few coins, so while she was talking to someone else, I left the meal on her dog’s mat and headed into the station before she saw me (the dog didn’t eat it, don’t worry! He was a very good boy.).

Who is sharing this comic? Author?: CAP.TANAR
Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: A houseless stick figure in a toque asks another stick figure in a cap for change. The figure in a cap happily offers it. Behind them, a stick figure named Tana leaves a hot meal on the houseless figure\'s mat next to her pet dog and rat.

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    That is very inspiring! The fact that you had placed it on the mat without her being aware gives me the idea that you do things out of the kindness of your heart, and not for the glory.

  2. Tharuneka Jegathesh

    That is really sweet of you!
    Especially giving the girl more than just money anonymously 👏👏👏

    Also, nice drawing! The pets look very cute!

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