myth about humans

its a very wierd myth that says when we move or swing our legs while sitting , it will be counted as a bad omen . Many of my elders pointed out me when I did this as a child .

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Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: A child is moving her legs but her mother stops her

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  1. Michaela

    Wow really?! What culture believes that this is a bad omen/what is its history (if you don’t mind me asking)? And what exactly does the omen inflict?

    • Navkiran kaur

      Its an old myth so I don’t know about it in depth as I said that I was a child at that time(Nowadays this myth is kinda faded ) .. I tried asking my mother several times but she said its a sign of restlessness and can even attract evil .
      But I have an interpretation that how this myth could have taken the form of a for instance one could be moving his /her legs and the other person could have found it irritating ( or he could have judged the person as impatient ) and in order to stop him from doing that he /she might have made up this myth and compared it with bad luck ( bad luck can mean anything like evil spirits bring bad luck…. or impatient people dont learn much or messes things up so its a kinda bad luck ) ( earlier people were quite innocent and they might have believed it and even my parents used to believe it at some point but present generation is quite smart 😅and crossquestions everything and just like other parents my mother also didn’t know the history or the back story but still she believed , my crossquestioning her made her to doubt her belief about this myth because she didn’t know how to answer my ques. At that point this myth started fading when she realised that why was she believing in a myth without any valid reason …
      Sorry for this loonggg paragraph 😆😅
      I hope you got your answer

  2. In my culture, it wasn’t considered as a bad omen, but I do always remember my grandmother holding my leg so I would stop. When I asked her the reason, she would always respond “it is not polite to shake your leg”. We have always been told to keep our legs either crossed or planted!

  3. Sukhmanpreet Kaur

    Hey, I hope you are doing fine. I have also heard this myth. My brother have this habit of moving legs while sitting and every time my mom notices it, she yell at him like he committed a crime.

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