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Two comic characters- one on the left looks at cape with a questioning eye and the other is wearing the cape.

Before /After

Before starting this course I knew nothing about how to do projects online and I was shy at first to meet other people but now I have learnt…

The comic shows a cat on a tree and three stick figures staring at the cat.

My hero’s story

once me and my friends saw a kitten on a tree , crying for help in the park. Nobody came forward to help that kitten , but I…

A child aka me in a blue car pointing towards a red car excitingly!

Myth about humans

I used believe that if we see a red coloured car on our way , our wishes come true but interesting thing is that as a child whenever…

A child is moving her legs but her mother stops her

myth about humans

its a very wierd myth that says when we move or swing our legs while sitting , it will be counted as a bad omen . Many of…

Teacher gave her student a gift anonymously!


Once I found a gift box placed on my classroom desk. That gift was a pair of colorful diaries . I was so happy but confused at the…

giving first aid


a child got hurt but I saved him on time.