My Hero’s Story

So this happened in Summer of 2018. I was walking around the park near my home and I saw a purse on the ground. So I picked it up, first I thought to check it for any personal card or stuff so that I can find the address but then it thought it would inappropriate to check someone’s purse so I went to a police station in the city and give the purse there, they wrote my name and address and after a few days I got flowers and a thank you card in my mail from the person who had lost the purse.

Who is sharing this comic? Author?: KPU12.SUKHK
Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: A stick figure somewhere in a park found a purse and then there’s another scene of same stick figure in front of the police station.

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  1. aaron birring

    Wow thats a really kind act im sure not lots of people would’ve done that keep being such a wonderful person. Best of luck in the course and nice comic :).

  2. Anna Bains

    That’s so sweet this really shows how kindness has no boundaries.

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