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Show a scene of a time when you did one teeny, small thing that saved the day — hero style! (Remember to post your comic slam within 7 days of the class it was given)

An injured cat, Stick figure girl holding cat


Two weeks ago, I went for walking in the evening and I saw that there was a cat who has an injury on its feet, I immediately hold…

Stick figure with dark eyes on the phone, sick emoji in a speech bubble, person also on phone with wide eyes and mouth, third person smiling and waving.

Small Act of Heroism

In this comic, I was calling in sick to work. I had to miss a long shift on a weekend, and I was one of the most experienced…

There are two stick figures. One of the stick figures points to the right and says \

My Hero’s Story

This happened in 2021, in high school. During break, I was waiting for my friend to come out on her break. During that time a person (I think…

a person on the side of the word is giving directions to someone sitting in a car

hero style

One day I was walking on the side of the road and someone pulled up in a car next to me. I was startled at first until they…

Two stick figure. One is trying to convince the sad stick figure to try to look at the other store.


My aunt needs to find a “champagne” colored dress. We went to 3 malls already and spent 6 hours of our day finding one. My aunt was so…

Stick figure person trying to douse a fire in the kitchen.

My hero’s story

One day, I was cooking in my kitchen when suddenly something started burning and fire broke out. I quickly got a glass of water and doused the fire.

Girl and little boy driving from daycare to get icecream

My Hero’s Story

A young mom from my church asked me if I was able to pick up her son from daycare because she had to work late one day. It…

A person bring food who is on the bed.

My hero time

There is a day that my friend is really sick and could not leave bed. SO I made food for him and take care of him for the…

Giving the stranger the $100 money he dropped in the line at dollarstore

My hero’s story

One day I was In the line at dollar store and this one man infront of me dropped his $100 bill not knowing. I was next and I…

In this image, the young man stopped an old man who trying to through junction when trafic light is red.

my hero’s story

When I was waiting for thr traffic light, I saw an old man trying to run through the red light. I stopped him and saved his life.

In image, A man went out at 12 noon with an umbrella, it rained at 2 pm, he brought an umbrella.

My hero’s story

One day, it didn’t rain when I went out at noon, but I saw the weather forecast yesterday that it was raining today, so I brought an umbrella….



Well, this is my first semester. In this semester, I chose one subject that was of mathematics which I find very tough . I am very scared of…

I donate blood to my cousin sister.

Hero story

Last year, my cousin sister had anemia. At that time, I donate blood to my sister because our bloods groups are similar. I’m glad that I did something…

Stick figure helping another stick figure bench pressing

My hero story

In this comic, my friend was bench pressing but could not lift up the weight so I had to help him lift it up. If I did not…

A girl driving a car

My Hero’s Story

This is about a time when my friend was moving to a new house. During moving day, my friend needed to purchase a new bed and a new…

A stick person seems nervous as she was on the springboard first time, but she became brave second time.

My Hero’s story

That was a story happened when I was attempting to dive from a high springboard. When I looked down from the 3 meter springboard first time, my whole…

This comic have two car my and my friends going on a trip and one electric air pump in my car.


Me and my friends went on a trip in two car one was my and other was my friends car and while going my friends car’s tire got…

2 girls walking on a track in the sun. One girl has a backpack on with essentials in it.

My Hero’s Story

One day my friend and I went on a hike on a sunny day. I was carrying a backpack with me just in-case I needed anything. Although as…