My Hero’s Journey

As you can see in the cartoon, I assist a drowning individual. We went on a volunteer programme field trip last year. There were many youngsters because it was a kids club. Nobody knew swimming until one of the kids fell into it. I did not either. Something jolted my mind, and I dashed for a rope, tossed it into the water, and somehow hauled him out. Everyone was overjoyed and proud of me.

Who is sharing this comic? Author?: KPU12ZEEE
Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: There\\\'s two stick figure.Stick figure 1 is standing and stick figure 2 is drowning.

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  1. jaskiran singh

    wow , I love the drawing as well as I love the fact that you are so brave to help others especially in water because I got phobia of swimming to be honest. I never used to before but something like that person happened with me too and since then I can’t go close to water

  2. Muskanpreet Kaur

    I like the way you are helping the other people and the large alphabet you had put in.

  3. Anthony Johnson

    I really enjoy your comic! What a wonderful story you have shared!

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