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I went to the doctors office to fill out documents to have a family doctor. I had given them my care card but the denied it as my passports, driver license, school identity’s and all documents had my birthday last name while my recent care card had my new last name. So I had to get my care card updated to my birthday name.

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Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: Care card refused because the information was not correct.

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  1. Lana Generoso

    I kind of have a similar story. I was in line to get tested for covid, but I didn’t have my care card. Good thing, the person collecting the information was happy to just take my drivers license along with me telling her my care card number.

  2. Andrei Charykov

    Sometimes it is so hard to manage all your documents and when this type of situation happens, you always feel overwhelmed.

  3. Hi, I know it is a lot of trouble. I usually have pictures of these identifications and cards in my phone with me.

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