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Stick figure comparing the start of this class the end.

Before and After

When I first decided to take this class, I had no idea what psychology was about. I was clueless to what I would learn in this course. Now…

Giving the stranger the $100 money he dropped in the line at dollarstore

My hero’s story

One day I was In the line at dollar store and this one man infront of me dropped his $100 bill not knowing. I was next and I…

Care card refused because the information was not correct.

Missing data

I went to the doctors office to fill out documents to have a family doctor. I had given them my care card but the denied it as my…

Person in the car paying for the person in front.


One morning at tim Hortons, I was very happy so I decided to pay for the person in front of my anonymously.

In charge of the direction and missed the exit.

Epic research fail

My friend and I decided to go out to eat. I was in charge of the directions. We were so preoccupied with talking that we missed our exit,…

Stick figure freaking out as his laptop shut down in the middle of a test due to wifi error.

Stuff Happens

There was a construction taking place two houses from mine. Their machine struck the wires, causing a power outage throughout the block. I was in the middle of…

Stick figure fainted; lying on the floor


I only got two hours of sleep and rushed to the hospital because my cousin had a baby girl. I was so tired that I fainted right there…


Myths about humans

In my culture it is bad luck to call someone from the back when they are leaving.