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Girl playing with bunch of keys

Human myths

In my childhood, when i play with keys my mother always told me that don’t play with them if you continue playing with bunch of keys then surely…

I have a sun drawn in the upper left hand corner and underneath it is a small stick figure child (me) wearing a bucket/ sunhat style hybrid (it was my favourite) with a little bit of hair sticking out, and crying. Stick figure me is holding the sides of her stomach which has a watermelon in it and some vines growing out. Some seeds and an arrow depict that I had swallowed the seeds. To my right, an adult stands in a "well, you know" gesture, but they are too tall to see their face due to the height difference (and also I don't remember any of their defining characteristics)

Myths About Humans

This comic depicts a common misconception that children fall victim to that I, too, fell victim to at about 4 years old. During the lovely, sunny summer days…

stick figure holding broken mirror sad/ stick figure 7 years later smiling

Myth About Humans

Stick figure breaks mirror and sadly anticipates seven years of bad luck. After seven years, stick figure is happy that his bad luck has ended.

When someone bought Starbucks for me and it made my day because I was having a rough day


a person whistling at night which causes a ghost/spirit to appear

Myth about humans

in my culture it is known not to whistle during the night because it is believed to “summon” spirits sometimes bad ones. personally i havent heard this “myth”…

Myths about humans

Myths About Humans

I remember as a kid i used to believe that turning the cabin light on in the car was illegal and would cause my parents to crash. Eventually…

person sitting at desk with a surprised face because theres snacks on their desk


back in high school in one of my classes the teacher had giving out candies and snacks as a treat. a student came in a few minutes late…

someone cutting my hair and someone else saying something

Myth about humans

This image shows me cutting my hair and someone else telling me the myth that the more I cut my hair the faster it will grow back.

A man wearing a crown stands defiantly atop of the world.

Myth About Humans

Humans believe that they’re the ruling species of the world and entitled to do with it whatever they want. But that is not the case and the world…

Black cat crossing street

Myth About Humans

I always thought if I saw a black cat crossing a street or cross in front of me, something bad was going to happen that day or sometime…

A drawing of a broken porcelain plate with blue flowers. The words "smash!" and "Good Luck!" are written around the plate.

Myth About Humans

My family is from Germany and hold a belief that broken porcelain brings good luck. It’s a popular custom to break porcelain on the doorstep of a newlywed…

Stick figure child drops coin into storm drain, coin drops through storm drain upside-down on other side of the globe.

Myths about humans

When I was a child I used to think that if something was dropped through a storm drain then it would fall through a storm drain on the…

A person lies on the bed with a sad face on the left. Another person stands on the ground, pointing at the back of the person on bed and shouting. His words become words and arrows, stabbing at the back of the person on the bed.

Myth about human

A lot of the people do not know that mental illness is a real issue and the words they say to others can really hurt people.

Car driving over rail crossing with two people inside, person in back seat has their feet raised

Myth about humans

When I was a kid, I believed it was bad luck to touch the car’s floor when going over a rail crossing. So, whenever we crossed the tracks,…

A stick figure kid is staring across at a broken mirror. A thought bubble reveals that he is thinking \

Myth About Humans

As a kid I was mildly traumatized by the notion that breaking a mirror could bring seven years bad luck. I think this impression originated from Winnie-the-Pooh, or…

To the left of the image, a person is sitting on the ground and somebody jumps over that person. To the right, it is a short person surrounded by tall peopl.

Myth About Humans

When I was younger, I was told that when somebody walks over you or jumps over you, it stunts your growth. Apparently, that is why I’m short now….

On this picture you can see a person who is stepping on other person\'s foot.

Myth about Humans

In my childhood, there was a myth when you step on someone’s foot, he should do the same so that you will avoid conflicts between you both for…

person standing under ladder

myth about humans

A person standing under a ladder that is leaning against a wall

A person standing in front of a mirror at 12:00 O'clock and scared.

Myth about human

When I was young, I heard from a family member or a friend that if you look at a mirror at 12:00 o’clock, you will have bad luck…


myth about humans

When I was younger my grandparents used to tell me that my ears would fall off if I looked at the moon for too long. I would always…