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stick figure person turning in a found wallet.


After having found a wallet within my Psychology 100 course, I anonymously turned in someone’s wallet that they had left in class.

A person looking at a human brain questioning if 10% of it is REALLY all that we use.

Myth About Humans

Not only have I been told for the majority of my life that we only use 10% of our brain, it is actually an extremely popular myth! Since…

A houseless stick figure in a toque asks another stick figure in a cap for change. The figure in a cap happily offers it. Behind them, a stick figure named Tana leaves a hot meal on the houseless figure\'s mat next to her pet dog and rat.


A friend and I went out for lunch and couldn’t finish one of our entrees, so I got it to go. On our way home, we saw a…

A child is moving her legs but her mother stops her

myth about humans

its a very wierd myth that says when we move or swing our legs while sitting , it will be counted as a bad omen . Many of…

When you accidentally pour your drink, you should expect a guest. And if your drink was warm, it will be a nice guest.

Myth about humans


Myths about humans

In my culture it is bad luck to call someone from the back when they are leaving.

Myth about human

Don’t step on food

my mom always told :don’t step on food in the floor , you will have pain your back. so all the time when I see food on the…

"Starving Yourself" will result in weight loss.


A myth that if you cut your nails at night, your parents may get hurt the next day

Myth about humans

A myth that if you cut your nails at night, your parents may get hurt the next day

stick person eats ice cream near pool

Myth About Humans

In my comic there is a person who is eating ice cream near a pool and their friend is telling them to wait at least 30 minutes before…

Myth about humans

Its a myth that if someone jumps over a person than the person will stop growing his height will remain same

walking over someone who is lying down

myth about humans

there is a myth that was pretty commonly heard while growing up by me and others around that if someone walks over you when you’re lying down such…

Image of person walking under ladder


This is a picture of a myth that my uncle told me. When I was a kid , I was messing around with stuff and my uncle told…

stick figure person is worried because they accidentally swallowed a chewing gum which according to a myth presented on the TV means that if someone swallows a chewing gum it will stay in their stomach for seven years.

Myths about Humans

One day, I accidentally swallowed a chewing gum and got worriedwhich according to a popular myth means that it would stay in my stomach for 7 years.

one person saying on the floor another walking over them and they will stay the same height forever

myth about humans

someone walking over another person some people believe it keeps them the same height for the rest of their lives

bull charging at red flag

myth about humans

As a kid i used to believe that bulls would charge at red flags as that engaged them, but as I found out in science class that is…

A stick figure sweeping the floor at night

Myth about humans

Here in the Philippines, you cannot sweep the floor at night because it is believed to bring bad luck.



In India, it is a popular myth that if crow comes to the window of the house and caws continuously then definitely a person either a relative or…

Person looking at a broken mirror and thinking they will get bad luck

Myth About Humans

The superstitious myth I once believed as a child is that if I break a mirror, I will get bad luck for 10 years. Now looking back, I…

a person stuck in elevator freaking out and customers helping the person to calm her down and make sure shes okay!


I got stuck in the elevator and customers were helping me because i was scared