Myths About Humans

This comic depicts a common misconception that children fall victim to that I, too, fell victim to at about 4 years old. During the lovely, sunny summer days of 2000, I was enjoying watermelon outside wearing my favourite hat, as 4-year-olds do, when the person who ran the daycare I attended told me that I would grow a watermelon in my tummy if I swallowed a watermelon seeds. I knew that I had counted not one, but THREE watermelon seeds before I took a bite out of my watermelon, and was so scared of having a watermelon in my stomach I started to cry.

Who is sharing this comic? Author?: CAP.KITTO
Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: I have a sun drawn in the upper left hand corner and underneath it is a small stick figure child (me) wearing a bucket/ sunhat style hybrid (it was my favourite) with a little bit of hair sticking out, and crying. Stick figure me is holding the sides of her stomach which has a watermelon in it and some vines growing out. Some seeds and an arrow depict that I had swallowed the seeds. To my right, an adult stands in a "well, you know" gesture, but they are too tall to see their face due to the height difference (and also I don't remember any of their defining characteristics)

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  1. Alejandro

    Yes, heard this one before. And as a side-note, I’ve also heard that if you drink cold watermelon water while hangover you might die (something to do with it being very cold in your stomach or some none sense like that).

  2. Fabian Tryggvesson

    Hey! That’s really funny! I did my comic on the same myth about watermelon seeds! Nice drawing!

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