8 Comics Tagged "CAP.TANAR"

On the ‘before’ side a stick figure sees one line with the word ‘university’. The ‘after’ side has more lines and the word ‘learning’.

Before and After Taking this Course

Before taking this course, I felt like there was one way to approach university, absorb the material, and get my degree. After taking this course, instead of focussing…

A stick figure flies with a coffee in their hand towards another figure in a cap.

My Hero’s Story

I always try to wake up before my partner so that I can make him coffee before work.

A car travelling along the red line on a map. An easier route is drawn in green.


I was on my way back from a ski trip in the Rockies with some friends when Google Maps reset and directed us to drive on the Crows…

A person walking to the skytrain and dropping their wallet.


On my way to work one morning, I went to tap my Compass card at the skytrain station and realized I had dropped my wallet! I had to…

A sleepy girl is standing on a chair holding soup with the word "smash" and an arrow above her head.The tooth fairy is above her.


Once when I was little, I was so tired I fell asleep while eating dinner. My head smashed into my tomato soup, but the bowl was too small…

The TEDx logo and a path leading to a church.

Epic Research Fail

I was a graphic designer for TEDx Kids Vancouver one year and worked really hard in all of the visual aspects. The day of the event, I thought…

A drawing of a broken porcelain plate with blue flowers. The words "smash!" and "Good Luck!" are written around the plate.

Myth About Humans

My family is from Germany and hold a belief that broken porcelain brings good luck. It’s a popular custom to break porcelain on the doorstep of a newlywed…

A houseless stick figure in a toque asks another stick figure in a cap for change. The figure in a cap happily offers it. Behind them, a stick figure named Tana leaves a hot meal on the houseless figure\'s mat next to her pet dog and rat.


A friend and I went out for lunch and couldn’t finish one of our entrees, so I got it to go. On our way home, we saw a…