Epic Research Fail

So one time I was supposed to direct my father about the directions to Whistler and some how I put the wrong address and we were lost somewhere on the dead end road out there. My family was pretty angry on me because of mistake because we were supposed to reach there by afternoon but we get there by midnight.

Who is sharing this comic? Author?: KPU12.SUKHK
Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: A stick figure being confused about the road directions and another 2 stick figures being angry on the first one for loosing the correct directions and they end up on a dead end road somewhere in BC.

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  1. Gurdeesh Sangha

    I love your drawing!!
    I have been in a similar situation as this. My family and I were going to California by car and I put the wrong directions to get to the gas station.

  2. Alejandro

    Oh! That was a long detour! But at least you got there, right?

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