Epic research fail

I had a situation with my friend, where we were on the summer trip in another city, and we wanted to go to our hotel. But we both forget how to get there. We had no internet and we have been trying to figure out the way on our own. At some point, there were 2 roads and we had to choose one to finally reach our destination. My friend told me to go left because he was sure that this is the right choice. I trusted him and after 5 minutes we both realized that his thoughts were wrong, so we had to go back to that crossroads.

Who is sharing this comic? Author?: CAP.ANDRC
Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: 2 people standing near the crossroads, one person tells that we need to go left.

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  1. Lovepreet Kaur

    Me and friend also ended up moving in a wrong direction many times and later realizing that we are on wrong path after wasting at least 1 hour.

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