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all food burns for guests

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Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: This was the day I never forget. On this day I decided to make a special recipe for my guests but all of the sudden my food catches the fire and the fire alarm starts beeping. That was really a embarrassing as well as scary moment for me.

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  1. Andrei Charykov

    That’s why it’s better to bring your food with you to your friend’s house. At least you both will not be hungry at that point.

  2. Sukhmanpreet

    Oh my God! It sound so embarrassing. I hope you had something else to eat and offer.

  3. neha neha

    i have had never experience this situation and i wish i will never experience it.

  4. Mansher

    That must have been terrifying, but no worries though. I understand your feelings because you are not alone in this. I had a similar experience when I tried to bake something in the oven at my rented apartment. I accidentally started a small fire, not too large but enough to set off the fire alarm; miraculously, my landlord did not evict me. Things like this are unexpected, but its ok it happens.

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