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You are nearing the end of our course. Time to reflect on what you have learned this term in Introduction to Psychology. CREATE a Before/After comic that shows how you have changed as a result of coming in contact with the Intro Psyc course content and learning activities. (Remember to post your comic slam within 7 days of the class it was given)

A person can not enjoy doing his work and not happy during the work. After He is very happy in the work place.

Before and after

Before doing the project, i was not able to enjoy my work. I feel like my work takes forever to be done. After I finished the project, I…

Two comic characters- one on the left looks at cape with a questioning eye and the other is wearing the cape.

Before /After

Before starting this course I knew nothing about how to do projects online and I was shy at first to meet other people but now I have learnt…

Two pictures, the picture on the right is a person sitting on a chair hand on his head being stressed with the work he has to do on his computer with paper flying everywhere and a little circle above his head indicating he is mad and the picture on the left is a relax person sitting on his chair not being stressed doing his work on his computer


Before taking this class I thought it would be somewhat similar like the class I took in highschool but that is completely not true this course taught me…

A stick figure was always in her thoughts, but now she is more creative.

Before/After Taking This Course

I thought that studying usually involves reading, writing, comprehending new materials, but after taking this course I learnt to be more creative, cooperative, and caring.

An unconfident stick figure indicating a happy and confident stick figure

Before/after this taking the course

Before taking this class, I did not have enough confidence in myself to be able to become something in life. However, after taking Psych 1100 with Dr. Jessica,…

Two sides divided by a jagged line, the left side labeled as \

Before/After Taking This Course

Before enrolling in this class I had some interest in psychology mainly from my ruminations about my own thoughts and instincts. At that time I had only been…

An image split in two, on one side showcasing person thinking about being burnt out and stressed, on the other, thinking about the importance of rest and unwinding.

Before/ After Taking This Course

Before taking this course, I feel like I am constantly burning out and feeling stressed. After taking this course and learning about establishing wellness practices, I realized the…

two stick figures before and after one thinking of junk food and the other thinking of eating healthy and exercising


This comic illustrates how this course has helped me become a better person both inside and out. My wellness practice of exercising every day brought many positive and…

Before the class i was always in awful mood with no motivation but now towards the end i\'m way more happy throughout my day with lots of motivation


Before this class, I was always in a bad mood being lazy in bed all day with no motivation but since this class is coming to an end…

Diagonal line separating the comic from the top right corner to bottom left corner. Frowning stick figure with a cloud over its head on the left. Smiling stick figure on the right with a sun over its head.

Before/After Taking This Course

Before taking Dr. J’s PSYC 101, I felt burnt out from studying and assumed this course would be another class with a bunch of exams and reading textbooks….



Before taking this course i was very nervous and confused as this was my first semester in this university. but after taking this course i feel happy and…

A stick figure of me before and after studying Introduction to Psychology

Before/After Intro Psyc Comic

Before studying Psychology, I was thinking that would reading psychology will be easy or tough? But later on, I got to learn many things from psychology and specially…

There a two sides. The one of the left has \'before\' at the top with a person below showing a thought bubble and question mark inside. On the right it says \'after\' at the top with a person below and a thought bubble that has a lightbulb


Before I didn’t what I was in for. My major is Early Childhood Care and Education and Psychology was a question mark to me. After being in this…

A man stands proudly in top of a giant book. The sun is shining proudly in the back.


Dr. J’s psych class has been amazing, not only to learn about psychology but specially to learn about ourselves and different techniques that can help us become better….

One girl standing under the before and one girl standing under the after section. The girl under the before section has question marks and sad faces around her, and the other girl has positive things around her that make her happy such as a dumbbell and good grades.


Before I took Psychology 1100 I was always feeling sad confused and never had energy. I always felt like I wasn’t good enough, and I would sleep most…

In the left panel, a calendar shows “Dec”. A girl studies with a laptop, notes, books and a pen. In the right panel, the calendar shows “Apr”. The girl wears a cape, laughs and talks through a speech bubble in front of the laptop. This panel also presents an 8-panel comic, a drawing of a shirt, a crossword, a research paper with graphs and a textbook.

Before/After taking this course

Before this class, I studied with my laptop, textbook and notes on my own. Sometimes I got confused. After this course, I have grown in so many directions….

Girl had no idea and many question marks in her head before, while it seems she learned knowledge from this course.

Before/ After Taking This Course

Before I take this course, I felt confusing when I saw a bunch of key vocabularies on psychology textbook, as these vocabularies were beyond of my everyday life…

A person looks more confident in handling the daily challenge through psychology

BEFORE/AFTER taking this course

I was worried that I could not do well in the course. However, it turns out to be redundant worrisome. I enjoy this course since it gives me…

Theres a sad circle and a happy circle that is smiling the sad circle has his arms down and looks upset while the happy circle is smiling theres an arrow between the two suggesting that the sad one has turned happy

Before and After

I wasn’t sure if I should take this class before I started it. But I soon realized how much I would enjoy this class. I came in with…



A stick figure before this class sad and full of anxiety. A stick figure after that is happy and steps leading up to happiness even if the steps…