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The before part of this comic is of the time when I just came to Canada, there was a lot going on in my mind. I somewhat came prepared, knowing that it won’t be easy but still didn’t knew till what degree. And quite honestly, within a few days, I began experiencing what I feared for – reality hitting me in the face that it’s not that easy living life on your own. Random thoughts raced my mind throughout the day – keeping a check on my health, social life, studies, employment and of course, my mother. All this resulted in an increase in the negative emotions that I felt. There was too much of stress, burnout and homesickness. But taking up this PSYC 1100 course, I knew could’ve helped me in some way. And for sure, it did. Studying the cognitive aspect and at the same time, trying out practices to keep a check on the mental health improved my situation to an extent I can’t describe. Practicing gratitude made me promise to myself that no matter what situation I am going through, I’ll always look out for the brighter side of life. With this new profound energy, I was even able to make some new friends at my workplace, which further assisted me in having a new social life. As this course is ending, I have seen a major difference in the levels of stress and burnout, which honestly, I never expected. But all’s well that ends well is surely the only way I can sum this up.

Who is sharing this comic? Author?: KPU13.PALAP
Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: stick figure illustrating the changes she observed before and after taking PSYC 1100 course

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  1. Bochen Li

    I like this comic very much, it has a lot of things in it and it’s very clean. I felt the same anxiety as you when I first came to Canada, and this class really helps us relieve anxiety. Congratulations on your anxiety relief through this class.

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