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Girl with sadness and confusion in her brain and girl with happiness and knowledge in her brain

Before/After taking this course

Before taking this course, I found myself to be unhappy and questioning the different aspects of psychology. After going through the content of this course and completing the…

Girl and little boy driving from daycare to get icecream

My Hero’s Story

A young mom from my church asked me if I was able to pick up her son from daycare because she had to work late one day. It…

4 girls presenting

Missing Data

In Grade 10, all the students in my grade were required to complete something called the YPI project. YPI stands for Youth Philantrophy Initiave and we had to…

stick figures sitting in train, with one girl experiencing sleep paralysis


My family and I were on a trip, and on the train from Spain to France, I got sleep paralysis when I fell asleep on the train ride….

two people in a car

Epic Research Fail

My boyfriend and I were on the way to a Youth event and I thought we were having it at the mall because that is where our youth…

one stick figure watching tv and another stick figure person telling her the myth.

Myth about humans

The myth I thought of is the one about how sitting too close to the tv can make your eyes blurry. I drew my younger self watching Dora…

Stick figure person with glasses holding a gift and another stick figure person laughing


The theme being “anonymous gift”, the first thing I thought of was secret Santa. I recalled a memory from when I was in Grade 6 and we played…