7 Comics Tagged "CAP.KOMAK"

Two stick figures representing different thoughts before and after taking this course.


Before taking this course I was very stressed as this is my first semester and I was assuming that it would be too difficult to complete this course….

An injured cat, Stick figure girl holding cat


Two weeks ago, I went for walking in the evening and I saw that there was a cat who has an injury on its feet, I immediately hold…

Stick figure looking stressed while sitting on bed with pillow.


Actually, in this comix I’m looking so stressed and not able to sleep at night because I had lot of stress of my 12 exam that day i…

Stick figure sitting on chair, using computer and looking worried


In this image, i was sitting on the chair and doing my maths quiz eventually i got out of the test due to network issue ,i tried alot…

Girl standing in Stormy weather with broken umbrella and a car .


There was harsh weather and I was going with my friend in a car .we saw a girl with broken umbrella trying to hold it and looking very…

Bird eating rice and dead

Human myths

This picture shows that bird dead after eating wedding rice and my friend told me this story when i was 12 .since that i thought that it’s true…

Girl playing with bunch of keys

Human myths

In my childhood, when i play with keys my mother always told me that don’t play with them if you continue playing with bunch of keys then surely…