Google vs PsychInfo

Playing off of what was said about Google — how it is kind of like a really messy bedroom, but you generally know where everything is — I thought of PsychInfo as being a very clean and organized room… But it’s not MINE. I feel quite lost and do not know where everything is kept, though, when I figure it out it will be very clear and organized just as it displays itself 🙂

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Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: Person standing in the middle of a room with clean shelves and drawers on either side of them with a question mark above their head.

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  1. I like your analogy between Google and PsychInfo. It is a great skill to be familiarized with PsychInfo, especially in doing your research. Good thing you figured it out :>

  2. Gagandeep Grewal

    that’s good that you were able to figure out and define the difference between the both.


    Hi, I really like your drawing! It is an interesting example of the comparison of Google and PscyInfo. I agree that pscyInfo is like a clean and organized room!

  4. I love your drawing! That is such a great comparison between Google and PsycInfo

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