6 Comics Tagged "KPU13.ZCHAO"

An image split in two, on one side showcasing person thinking about being burnt out and stressed, on the other, thinking about the importance of rest and unwinding.

Before/ After Taking This Course

Before taking this course, I feel like I am constantly burning out and feeling stressed. After taking this course and learning about establishing wellness practices, I realized the…

Person holding their access card in front of a door but fail to enter the door due to lack of access.

Missing Data

In the design building at KPU, every classroom requires access from a student ID. When I received my new student ID, they did not transfer my access over,…

Person sleeping on a bed with nightmares such as being late, having overwhelming amounts of work, and being chased.


During one stressful period in my life, I could never get a night of restful sleep! My dreams always consist of unfortunate events such as me constantly running…

Car driving to the wrong location that is far away from the correct destination.

Epic Research Fail

I was in charge of driving my friend and me to attend an event. While I was searching for the address, I was unaware that there was another…

Person looking at a broken mirror and thinking they will get bad luck

Myth About Humans

The superstitious myth I once believed as a child is that if I break a mirror, I will get bad luck for 10 years. Now looking back, I…

Receiving Donation Items


Getting some generous donations from anonymous donors to my design program in aid to support our education.