5 Comics Tagged "KPU13.YATIB"

A bowl with unmade baked goods inside with a bag of sugar and salt

Epic Research Fail

This comic shows one of my epic research fails, I was trying to bake cookies and I had mistakenly used salt instead of sugar, the cookies tasted terrible…

A tired person with baggy eyes awake at 7:30AM with a thought bubble saying \


This Comic depicts an early morning where I had slept late and had to wake up early for a family gathering, besides the lack of sleep I got…

a person somewhat happy standing alongside another happier person with a knowledge chart above the happier persons head

Before/After Psych

Before the course I was still relatively happy but I had some anxiety and I had problems dealing with things when I’m under stress. Now after psych I…

the superstition that money should be given with 1 additional dollar rather than an even number

Myth about humans

A superstition my family believes is that when you’re gifting money you should give the amount plus 1 additional dollar for good luck, so you should ideally receive…

A person receiving a laptop as a birthday gift from friends and family


In this comic, I was surprised with a birthday party and given a new laptop for my birthday by my cousins and other relatives.