5 Comics Tagged "KPU13.PARVB"

A stick figure was always in her thoughts, but now she is more creative.

Before/After Taking This Course

I thought that studying usually involves reading, writing, comprehending new materials, but after taking this course I learnt to be more creative, cooperative, and caring.

A cat figure expects to be fed, whenever a stick figure enters the kitchen.

Jumping to the Wrong Conclusion

I have a very curious cat, and she thinks whenever I go to the kitchen I will feed her, although her dishes are full.

A stick figure is in the horror of giant spider hanging over the bed, but another figure doesn\'t see anything.

Sleep ?!

I’m a heavy sleeper, but one night, I opened my eyes and I saw a giant spider was hanging over the bed, I woke my husband up with…

A happy stick figure, with English and Non-English books on his both sides.


A figure found missing information, after reading different sources.

When you accidentally pour your drink, you should expect a guest. And if your drink was warm, it will be a nice guest.

Myth about humans