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The was confused before taking the course but after the course person is very happy and satisfied.

Before and after

Before taking the course I was confused that will I complete this course successfully because I donot know anything about the psychology.I also thought about professor teaching method.but…

The stick figure person reached on wrong day at the appointed place .

Jumping to the wrong conclusion

I booked an appointment for my BC Id and they give me date of 2 weeks later but I did not read the date I only see the…

The stick figure person did mistake in ordering food online.

Epic research fails

One day I ordered pizza online at wrong address I was ordering at nearby place but ordered it at another place of same name which would took 1…

The stick figure person had a bad dream and with that fear he fell down from the bed.


It’s an incident when I was 10 years old I dream of that a rat is on my bed which was like in real the rat is moving…

Myth about humans

Its a myth that if someone jumps over a person than the person will stop growing his height will remain same


One day I saw a beggar.he was hungry and asking for food.then I anonymously helped the person with food.