5 Comics Tagged "KPU13.CARLL"

A person can not enjoy doing his work and not happy during the work. After He is very happy in the work place.

Before and after

Before doing the project, i was not able to enjoy my work. I feel like my work takes forever to be done. After I finished the project, I…

A person sit in front of a crashed computer.

Stuff happens

I was ready to submit my work and the computer crashed. I lost some of the work that I have done in 1 hour. Luckily, I didn’t lose…

A person bring food who is on the bed.

My hero time

There is a day that my friend is really sick and could not leave bed. SO I made food for him and take care of him for the…

A student forgot his assignment due date, and failed to submit the work.

Missing Data

There is a time that i forgot the assignment due date. I finished the assignment but when i submit it has already passed the due time.

A guy fighting the monster


I always dream that I am fighting the same monster again, and I will sleep talking about my victory.