5 Comics Tagged "KPU12.TISHV"

In this comic the stick figure is worried that she lost all her notes from the class.

Faulty memory

In this comic I was working on my notes, but when I opened my laptop I saw that I lost all my notes from the class. By mistake…

In this comic the stick figure is worried that she missed her class because she was travelling in the flight.

Missing Data

In the comic I was so worried that I missed my KPU class because I was travelling in the flight and all way long I was thinking about…

In this comic the stick figure lost her moms wedding ring and her mom is getting angry.

Stuff Happens

In this comic I was near 5-6 years old and I lost my mom’s wedding ring and she was so angry and upset from me that I did…

This comic is divided into two parts before and after. In the before section I used to think about how this course will change us into a new personality and in the after I got to know how new me changed how I live my life and my thinking thoughts.

Before/After this taking this course

In this comic I talked about before and after experience life. In starting it was difficult for me to catch up in the class due to some reasons….

Person continuously moving feet

Myths about humans

There are are two people in the house and one of them is moving his feet continuously. So the other person ask him not to do that because…